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I.V. Vitamin


IV Vitamin Therapy VitaBoost™   helps  boost your immune system, increases your energy level and speeds up recovery after an illness or strenuous activity.  It delivers a potent blend of essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals straight into your bloodstream by IV,  allowing for maximum absorption and effectiveness. 


The Product:  VitaBoost™ is  a non-synthetic, non-GMO, vegan, and a gluten-free vitamin injection formulated using only the best Canadian compounders to create the most premium  option on the market. 


Our team of experienced professionals provides personalized treatments designed to meet your unique needs to help you reach your desired energy levels,improve metabolism and fat burning aiding in weight loss efforts and improve skin health. 


Our VitaBoost Therapy has gained the attention of media and celebrities alike for its many benefits. Get ready to feel and look your best, book your appointment today.

Learn About Our I.V. Therapies

Metabolism- boost- liver detox


Electrolytes - fatigue- combat exhaustion


Glow - collagen - Helps to reduce wrinkles


Combat aging - mental clarity metabolic


Immunity - antioxidant - well being

High Dose Vitamin C

Anti-inflammatory - recovery - replenish

Post- OP

Memory - helps with mental speed - focus

Brain Health

Replenish - healing - Immune support

Athletic Performance

Stress - headaches - energy


Have Questions About I.V. Therapy?

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