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Fast, Accurate, Reliable Testing

We give you quick access to medical testing, shorter wait times for blood test appointments. Quality care always. 

Our Specialty Services

Blood & Urine Test

 A test used to evaluate your overall health and detect various medical conditions. It is a common diagnostic tool used by healthcare professionals.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Full pre-screening drug & alcohol testing. Industries that involve safety-sensitive work such as transportation, construction, healthcare, and law enforcement, and those that operate heavy machinery are more likely to have drug and alcohol testing policies in place.

Early Gender Test

 Finding out the gender of your baby is exciting, and with Peekaboo’s early gender test, you can discover the answer up to 14 weeks earlier than the typical ultrasound. 

DNA Testing

Accurate and reliable Legal DNA testing for a variety of applications.  Establish biological relationships, child custody, estate settlements, inheritance, benefits, Indigenous & Métis status. Early baby gender reveal DNA testing.

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet All Types of Needs


Whether you're traveling or just need to stay on top of your health, our tests can provide timely and accurate results. Discover our testing services today.


Home Paternity test are non-invasive way to determine paternity, providing you with accurate results in the comfort of your own home.


Shop Our Home Test Kits



Mjay Santé

As a private community-driven clinic, Mjay Santé is dedicated to providing you with both affordable blood test costs and exceptional standards of private care. We understand the importance of healthcare that is both accessible and reliable. By choosing our services, you benefit not only from competitive pricing but also from a level of attention and professionalism that stands out. Your privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance to us, ensuring that every aspect of your care is handled with the highest respect for your personal health information. 

Our expert 'Dream Team' is committed to providing a soothing and supportive atmosphere, even for clients who may be apprehensive about needles.


Undergoing Fertility treatments?  Our specialized unit is dedicated to those undergoing treatments, ensuring tailored care in this critical area and priority appointments.


Employer-required blood and urine testing, facilitating an essential part of the hiring process. Dedicated rates for employers, ensuring you can provide this service to your prospective employees efficiently and economically. For detailed inquiries and to establish a corporate account, please reach out to our Employer Drug Testing (EDT) Department at Our team is ready to assist you with all your occupational health testing needs.



Our laboratory has been appointed by Health Canada and holds certifications from Standards Council Canada (SCC).

Our lab uses advanced diagnostic technologies in testing and provides quick accurate results.   

Taking charge of your health is the first step. Booking an appointment for testing is next.  Easy access and the convenience of a private clinic gives you priority to appointments on the same day, preferred rates all while removing some of the burden off of Québec's public health care system.

Our mission is to ensure top-quality healthcare, making blood tests and wellness care accessible, convenient, and affordable for everyone. Place your trust in our Dream Team for your next blood test appointment. Experience the difference. 

Offering a comprehensive range of blood testing services, Making healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone in our community—certified, accurate, and reliable results.

A Health & Wellness Private Clinic 

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