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Food & Pet Sensitivity

 Gain Insight into Your  Pet & Food Sensitivity Health with DNA Analysis

One Test for over 200 foods : Our Food & Pet Sensitivity Test is your reliable and actionable solution to discovering hidden intolerances and allergies. With our DNA testing method, you can get personalized results that are unique to your needs. Say goodbye to vague symptoms – let us help you understand which foods and pets are causing unwanted side effects. Get started today and reclaim control over your health and well-being.

The personalized report from this DNA Pet & Food Sensitivity Test is a comprehensive DNA test that reveals your genetic sensitivity to specific food irritants like gluten, lactose, and cow-milk protein, egg, peanut, pet dander, histamine, and more. With one simple test, you will receive a personalized report that provides  detailed information from your DNA about factors that may be causing you discomfort and recommendations on how to avoid or minimize exposure to these irritants. Use this test as a guide to tailor your diet and lifestyle choices for optimal health.

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